Real Housewives of Atlanta: To Love and to Cherish

Linkedin Comment “Love and Hip Hop” star Erica Dixon was reportedly left stunned after the father of her child, Li’l Scrappy, proposed during a recent taping of the reunion show special. Facebook Fan Page Lil Scrappy, whose real name is Darryl Kevin Richardson II, is said to have dropped to one knee before asking for Dixon’s hand in marriage all in the presence of his current girlfriend Shay Johnson, it has been claimed. These reports are yet to be confirmed by sources at the Vh1 network. The audience was booing, and telling her NOT to accept. Lil Scrappy reportedly proposed to Dixon without an engagement ring, which likely prompted more boos from the audience. Johnson, who allegedly walked off of the stage, was allegedly reduced to tears.

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I was hoping Waka would have gotten Tammy a ring this time. Kae They were shiny and extra moist lol. My issue is just that these networks like to exploit the worst stereotypes of the most oppressed groups. RL Yeah but we the only mfs broadcasting our trash for the world to see.

Stevie J is Joseline’s baby daddy, and the Love & Hip Hop Atlanta stars have come together in honor of their future offspring.

A cat fight started brewing early as we saw Karlie Redd recording a diss track against K. Rasheeda echoed her dislike for K and pondered whether she should spit a few bars on the song too. The producers told her to invites enemies K. Michelle blasts Rasheeda for talking smack about her on Instagram while Rasheeda says K was running her yap to the blogs. Rasheeda tries to walk away but not before catching K dissing her hubby Kirk.

The two start fighting and K even throws a candle at Rasheeda. Later, Rasheeda and Kirk talk about the fight. Elsewhere, Mimi and Stevie J struggle to co-parent now that Mimi has her own pad. Stevie wants to know where Mimi lives to pick up his daughter or stalk her.

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Did it leak or was it intentionally released on the Interwebs for self-promotional purposes? And how was Mimi — who has so far portrayed herself as being above all things “ratchet” — going to explain her, um, shower rod acrobatics? Wait, wasn’t she supposed to have kicked Mr.

Erica Dixon who is an actress, TV star as well the rising entrepreneur was born on 19 th January of the year She is mostly known for making her appearance in the Love and Hip Hop Atlanta .

Rappers like Lil Wayne often brag about how many women they’ve slept with. Instead, women are depicted asjust a bunch of “bad b s. They never refer to them by their name, only by “b ” or “hoe”. In one of Lil Wayne’s recent songs, he, Drake and Future talk about the “down b they can call” and how they “don’t care about haters as long their b love them”. Throughout the song, Lil Wayne only refers to women as a b or a ho and seems to only find them necessary when he wants something sexual.

Davaughn Smith, 11th grade, acknowledgesthat hip-hop may disrespect women, but he still appreciates the music. I can relate to what they say in their music. But it is disrespectful. Some men are distancing themselves from hip-hop and its treatment of women.

Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Season 6 Episode 9

Bow threatened to leak the former couple’s sex tape, resulting in Erica revealing the shocking alleged reason for their split. The ‘Like You’ rapper kicked things off by posting a video on Instagram discussing women dating different types of men, and comparing the men to restaurant chains and food. Bow clapped back, sparking another bitter back-and-forth between the ex-lovers.

Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta, Returning In March With Former Cast Member, Erica Mena. Fans have tuned in every Monday to VH1 at 8 PM to watch the LHHNY and LHHMIA cast bare it all. From fights to performances, to divorce parties and of course intimate relationships, we have watched on the edge of our seats waiting to see how things turn out.

The couple made a sex tape, which is scheduled to be available in this month. Scandal in Atlanta out soon to the public. On the other hand, producers of the popular reality TV show of the VH1 network are not bothered about it at all. Rather, they are taking this as a key turning point in trailers to season three that begins on May 5. Grammy award winner Stevie J. They had been together for a pretty long time, from to

Who Is Traci Steele On “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta”? [VIDEO]

This is even after I met K. I even added my name to the online petition to get it off the air, but then stopped because I realized the show was influencing the livelihood of SOOO many people. People I actually know. And though I may not be able to relate to the stories of people like Joseline, Mimi, or Erica, I cannot deny that I tuned in periodically just to see the hair and makeup so naturally I had to talk to the team responsible.

Authorities charged Stephanie Nicole Harp with aggravated assault after they say she attacked ‘Love & Hip Hop Atlanta’ cast member Erica Pinkett at the Taboo-2 nightclub in Sandy Springs.

Subscribe Google Erica Mena has been placed under arrest. Atlanta cast member was taken into custody on Friday after police arrived on the scene in response to a domestic dispute. According to TMZ, Mena and her boyfriend, Clifford Dixon, were both taken away by the cops after an argument got out of hand inside their Johns Creek, Georgia apartment. Witnesses near the scene told authorities that Mena and Dixon had not only been arguing, but that the latter had kicked in a bedroom door in order to get to the former.

Cops did not report any signs of an altercation on either party, either. This is to say, neither Mena nor Dixon had any marks on their bodies at the time of the arrest. Dixon was arrested for criminal trespass because Mena told cops the property was in her name. Meanwhile, Erica was arrested for possession of marijuana, despite having less than one ounce of her at the time of the arrest.

She has since made bail. I have fan base that now become my family! You are all appreciated. This chapter has ended but the real deal is the journey has just begun.

Love & Hip Hop Atlanta

I just noticed Jessica Dime got a wrinkly ass neck. Yummie I saw that already. Am I reaching for the stars here?

Season 7 of Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta is Tokyo Vanity’s first season on the show but that hasn’t stopped her from making a big splash and quickly becoming a fan favorite.

Atlanta” returns for another sensational season tonight, April 20th at 8: The city’s hip hop elite are about to have their lives changed in ways they never imagined – for better or for worse! In the music mecca of the South, artists rise and fall, families grow and are torn apart, and what goes around – definitely comes around. These players continue to be on the cutting edge of the good, bad and naughty side of love. Atlanta” returns to VH1 Monday, April 20th at 8: This season, after the credits roll, the real party begins!

Atlanta” has been record setting, and often as entertaining as watching the show itself. Hosted by Darian “Big Tigger” Morgan, fans engaged on social media will get to interact with cast members who are also watching the episode for the first time. Are you ready for the new season? Here’s what’s been going down:

Erica Mena Shades Joie Chavis Amid Rumors of Joie Dating Future?

Who is Amara LaNegra? For years Amara Lanegra has been a staple in Latin music, performing for huge crowds at various Latin festivals. But in this chocolate bunny wants to make her stage bigger. Her mom is a chef. As a single parent her mom worked as chef in a local Miami restaurant.

However, Love & Hip Hop guest star Sina Bina might have blown the secret after she posted a selfie of herself and Thomas with the caption “Hey Peter” and a whole lot of heart emojis.

And we are not saying that they are less valuable than their pretty colleagues! However, new generations are here to prove us wrong. And even though we never expected such beauty, these kids are really a gift to this planet. Take a look at this list we made to show you how unattractive celebs can have really beautiful children!

We have to be honest here. On the other hand Bey is one of the most beautiful women ever. We can say that Bule Ivy is one of the cutes little girls we ever saw. Can you guess whose daughters these two beautiful ladies are? And even though Eddie might just be the best-looking of all the Murphy brothers out there, it would be weird if they looked like him. Luckily, his daughters Lucily, Bria, Shayne Audra and the rest of his six kids look like their moms, which basically means they could all be models.

We have to agree on one thing:

Love & Hip Hop star Spice unveils Black Hypocrisy after shocking fans with ‘bleached skin’

Los Angeles Times Oct 19, 3: Hollywood” personalities Milan Christopher, left, and Miles Brock are a couple in a music genre where gay slurs have been prevalent. Hollywood” is full of the bickering, drink-slinging and backstabbing that made the docuseries a guilty pleasure after it premiered last year.

Unexpected, however, is the new story line of two black men — both aspiring rappers — in a love relationship.

The Love & Hip Hop Atlanta circle has just extended and added a new Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Community, where you can post your comments about the show and follow along with other’s, who enjoy watching “Love and Hip”.

The soon-to-be mother, has been hard at work throughout her pregnancy. She’s spreading her wings to ensure her spot in the limelight and a secure future for her coming child. In addition to making music, she recently added “actress” to her resume after landing a recurring role on Lee Daniels’ breakout series “Star. And of course, Joseline is always releasing new music. All this while preparing to be a first time mother!

Pregnancy certainly isn’t slowing down this Miami native. Initially the “girlfriend” of Stevie J, Mimi has found a way to stand on her own. Her confidence, style, and wit keeps viewers engaged, as she balances motherhood with relationships and new business ventures. The devoted mother of Eva, her child with her ex-Stevie J, has had a rocky relationship with Stevie’s ex-love Joseline Hernandez. The Mimi-Joseline battle is likely to continue as her nemesis gives birth to a baby that may connect them for life.

She has built her brand, cosmetic line, and store into quite the empire, and she has plans of expansion.