Of course, guys worrying about the size of their junk is nothing new. Studies have always shown that many men are dissatisfied with their own package. To the extent that they discuss it with their friends, they are falling victim to the same cultural conditioning that has so many guys feeling anxious and inadequate. Why should women care how men feel about their penises? Because it affects male self-esteem, which in turn affects the way guys treat women. I have recently heard a rash of stories of well-endowed guys behaving especially badly.

African Bridesmaid Dresses For a Modern Fashionista

The rate of single babes who are over 30 and are still single is very alarming. It can be frustrating and worrisome when a lady is materially and psychologically ready for marriage but the only thing missing is the right partner. And at this age, most ladies lose their self esteem and courage and tend to see themselves as inadequate or undesirable, which has made some of these ladies to settle for any man that is far below their standard.

Big Brother Naija Big brother naija latest news Premiering nearly 11 years after the first season, the Big Brother Naija , has been full of drama, twists and turns, emotional moments and show may have ended but the fun doesn’t have to!

The Eagle is a flying predator. We no longer have that excuse. Unfortunately, the professional, commercial and fiscal factor read: On one side of the process, agents and their scouts are looking for players who will attract the highest fees and wages from Europe never mind they attract less than comparable players from Europe and South America. On the other end of the process the Nigerian national team policy is to select players based not on their relevance to the Eagles’ needs, but instead on their relevance in European club football never mind that they are mostly only marginally relevant in Europe.

Indeed, a big reason the Eagles are trapped in the formation, though it does not work for us and never has worked for us, is we conclude we don’t have the specialist players necessary to play better formations; and the reason we think we don’t have any is we don’t see any on the televised matches from Europe. These television-friendly European clubs dictate what qualities we Nigerians consider to be important in a football player, as well as who we Nigerians select for our national team.

The fact that the most popular of these European clubs use the system reinforces Nigerian fans belief that is the only way we can play. Our squad has too many strikers and too many defensive midfielders. We are thin on quality at centre-back, and thin in the goalkeeping department. We are very thin on international-class wing-backs, right and left, and have no wing-midfielders at all, right or left. Now, study the positions where we have too many, the positions where we are thin, and the positions where we have none, and realize that you are looking at the positions for which notable European clubs hire many Nigerians, the positions for which they hire few Nigerians, and the positions for which they hire no Nigerians.

It is one thing to act like we don’t have different kinds of midfield specialists because defensive midfielders are what European teams prefer. It is another thing if all those defensive midfielders are exactly the same, with no variety, because they all fit a specific type of player that European clubs are looking for to play that specific position.

‘What Will Set Nigeria On Fire’- President Buhari Speaks Out

It is an opportunity for us to reflect on the language and ideas that represented each year. So, take a stroll down memory lane to remember all of our past Word of the Year selections. Change It wasn’t trendy , funny, nor was it coined on Twitter , but we thought change told a real story about how our users defined Unlike in , change was no longer a campaign slogan. But, the term still held a lot of weight.

Whisper is the best place to discover secrets around you. Recent stories: These Childhood Misconceptions Will Leave You In Stitches, 20 Nightmare Traveling Experiences That Got SO Expensive, These People Are Too Embarrassed To Do These ‘Normal Things’ In Public.

They know dirt that your fiance must NEVER know about you, like that entire Summer you didn’t shave even when you went to the beach, So reward them with an opportunity to look ravishing and at least hook up at your wedding reception with a hot groomsman. Our sisters from the homeland have centuries of creating exciting and flattering garments for our body types.

In the new millenium, the trend in Africa is to use traditional African fabrics to sew formal outfits that have more of a westernized modern style. The vibrant color is not just limited to your dress but to your headdress as well. Colorful gele is a simple way to add an African touch to ordinary bridesmaid dresses. I love that look of drama when the bridal party walks down too. May brides feel that it would take away from her big moment, but nothing could be further from the truth.

Bright Bold Prints The Sexy Bridesmaid Give your bridesmaids what they want with a dress they can wear time and again.

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But yeah, I was a rapper and got on stage to rap in front of crowds and my last live show was in my 2nd year in the university at the Miss UNN pageant. It was my first time rapping on stage in UNN and it was my last too. But hey, right before then, I used to be a singer way back in secondary school Science College. I and my friends came together and we formed that group.

I’m sitting in my mum’s shop away from the busy life of Lagos (mind you, we live in the suburbs of Lagos) trying to think what next after graduation, cos this boredom is killing me like crazy.

In tears,Bimbola not real name agreed to narrate her ordeal to a Punch correspondent last Monday. What she passed through in August was painful, unimaginable and dehumanising. In fact, she might not be able to forget that night in her life. Ever since the incident, everything about her has changed, according to her friend. In the night of August 13, — around 12 midnight — she said she and her roommate had returned from a night reading class in preparation for their forthcoming exam in November, locked their room and were about to sleep when they heard their hostel mates jamming their doors, screaming and walking up the hostel stairs.

Before they knew what was happening, the men were at their door and expectedly, they forced the door open. Three hefty fearful-looking men, clad in black polos and jeans, armed with guns, machetes and axes had stormed their hostel — located in the Under G Area of Ladoke Akintola University of Technology, Ogbomoso, Oyo State — and demanded that all the students, both male and female, should gather in one room. But even after stealing all their property, the robbers were not done. The next command they gave the students was what Bimbola has not yet got over with.

Then they asked all of us to strip naked. Since it was in the night, most of us ladies already had only our night gowns on, while most of the guys were just putting on boxers. They said we should all be naked.

LYRICS & AUDIO: Oritse Femi- “Double Wahala” (#BBNaija 2018 Theme Song)

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Leave a comment Merry Christmas, dear people! The thing about living in Jand is that whether you like it or not, whether they form secularity or not, this is a Christian country. In fact, this is the seat of the Anglican Communion, so you can forget that any of the Royals will be called Ifagbemi or any such thing, any time soon. All this is why Christmas is a big deal. If this is your first Christmas in London, then this is how it may well pan out, when juxtaposed with Christmas in Nigeria.

In fact, most of the presents are being worn, cooked, sprayed on and even being spent. As in, the God of exchange rates has not been sleeping but has smiled on you on this Christmas day.

Guest Contributor Ejike Anaximandar: Na You Give Oga Daughter Bele?

Olemme riippuvuus niille, jotka rakastavat lukeminen. Things were rosy because I just came back to the country and I was having much money with me. I tried my best to give her what she wants. As times goes on, earlier on this year, we had a little misunderstanding and I initiated a breakup. She sent my friends to beg me.

The hook up was through a friend who thought they had similar styles and felt they needed to do a colabo. At that time, it was all about demos and talent shows. They soon became a .

Until one day in my twenties, I had absolutely no doubt that black people could be racist and no awareness that people thought otherwise. Reverse Racism Is there such a thing as reverse racism? Can black people be racist, specifically against white people? It was at some sort of conference for black lawyers that I was enlightened. Her main complaint was that he refused to acknowledge that racism existed at the Bar.

I stopped nodding and started shifting around in my seat probably thinking of the string of white boyfriends and crushes well, a couple , I had left in my wake at Bar School more than anything else. Can I just say….? The chair eventually encouraged us to move on. By the very definition of racism, which is regarding one race as inferior in any way intellectually, morally, physically or otherwise , of course black people could be racist against white or any other group of people.

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Baddest Babes Ever Liveth She sat with her palms on her face, staring unseeing into space. Most times she ignored whatever activities were done in the kitchen and we cooked a lot in my family and just sat there.

“The boys really they represent Naija I swear,them they shake the roof like say tomorrow nor dey”.It has gotten to the stage when Nigerians can now sleep, dream wake up and pursue the dream of collaborating with World greatest music icons.

This and many more are the questions on the lips of Nigerians. If news reaching us is anything to go by, it means winner of the last edition of Big Brother Africa, Dillish, quietly came into the country to collect her own share of our national cake when an average Nigerian is yet to lay hold on anything. When winner of Big Brother Africa Season 8th, Dillish announced on Twitter that she’s in Nigeria, many were caught unaware as no one, not even the press knew she was coming.

So how come she came in quietly and what was she up to? She was allegedly invited by the Governor of Edo State, Adams Oshiomole, and was said to have received a queen’s reception with all the expensive treat you can think of, a source hinted. You will recall that while in the BBA house, Dillish used to call on Governor Oshiomhole and other Nigerian rich men like Dangote to bless her with money and change her life.

As if the money she won wasn’t just enough, the Edo State governor allegedly invited her again and lavished Nigeria’s resources on her when there are enough helpless Nigerians even in Edo State who are much more in need. We heard he also allegedly made her richer after her visit. Here’s what a cross section of Nigerians feel about Oshiomole hosting Dillish.

Shouldn’t she be first on that list? Well, nice one for Dillish, favour seems to encompass her. Well as d saying goes we dnt appreciate our own.

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While a lot of artistes put out albums and scored a few international collaborations in , the most anticipated materials are definitely going to pop up in I initially put up a list of 10 artistes albums most music fans are anticipating, then a few other names came up as I held the discussion in my head, eventually taking up the number to So without much ado, and in no particular order, I have tabled down a list of 15 artistes whose albums are anticipated in I After bursting into the music scene in and 4 solid materials to his name 2 albums and 2 mixtapes , the pressure is on the self acclaimed African Rapper Number 1 to lay claim to his throne.

Now to turn it up a notch, switch it up. Start off by going slowly in out, then speed it up, then finish with the g-spot, and repeat. You can have a 4 inch penis or 8 .

Edo where husbands send wives to Italy and other areas to do prostitution to make a living Izedomi Ohirein A prostitute is better than, cannibals, drug dealers and armed rubbers. Please pick one of the subhuman and evil act you have not committed. Your mothers who are prostitutes give birth to very lazy edo men that end up as cannibals and slaves traded in Libya. Your mothers are a disgrace. Steve Please, stop giving credence to his indiscretion.

You do not pay evil with evil. Attack him but do not dance naked like him by attacking his people. He is such a tramp. Check my trail with him. From the very beginning, I observed that he kept vomiting hate speech against the Igbo tribe. I tried to dissuade him with reasonable discussions but the guy seemed hell bent.

So I told him that if he preferred to roll in the gutter, I would meet him there.

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